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Air Sterilizer

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Air Sterilizer


Air Sterilizer


performance for protecting secondary infection airborne bacteria within hospital, for removing fine dusts, airborne bacteria and odor from classroom, bathroom, for preventing an atopy from being infected, for preventing of having new house syndrome and removal of Volatile organic compound..


1) 99.99% of Virus Removing Capacity.
2) 99.99% Sterilization for not only Respiratory Viruses but also Fungus
3) 99.90 % of Fine Dust Removing Capacity.
4) 99% of Foul Order and Toxic Gas Removing Capacity.
5) Surround Air Circulation and Powerful Air blower creating “0” Ozone and equipped with a filter of long life span.


  • Stand Type
    - VK-101 ( 1640 X300 X300mm, 40kg)
    - VK-001 ( 1290 X300 X300mm, 34kg)

  • Wall Type
    - VK-401 ( 600 X400 X126mm, 13kg)
    - VK-BLUE ( 640 X380 X165mm, 7.5kg)

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Air Sterilizer

Air Sterilizer

Air Sterilizer